Nano Dimension Gets Grant

Nano Dimension said Thursday that its subsidiary, Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd., has received a budget from the Israel Innovation Authority that will finance a project to develop 3D ceramic materials for use in inkjet technology, thus allowing the printing of low density and high thickness objects for space applications. The total approved budget for the project is ILS585,000 (or about $165,000), of which the Israel Innovation Authority will finance 30%. The terms of the grant provide that the company will pay royalties on future sales up to the full grant amount.

The project is done in collaboration with Semplastics LLC, a supplier of engineered components for a broad range of industries, mainly semi-conductors. Nano Dimension and Semplastics have entered into a non-binding letter of intent with respect to the collaboration. This project will focus on the utilization of Semplastics’ novel ceramic material precursors using Nano Dimension’s 3D inkjet printing technology in order to build 3D high-thickness and low-density ceramic objects for aerospace applications.

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